Helen Thurloe

Helen has been inventing stories and poems ever since she could (her mother even kept some of them). As a grown-up, she spent many years as a corporate writer, where she wrote speeches, annual reports, tenders and web-site copy on diverse topics including blueberries, overhead wires for trains, eating disorders, and flexible pipe-joining systems.

More recently she has produced a lot of poems, several of which have won national awards. Subjects for these have included a tickly cough, a neighbour who’s difficult to talk to, and organising a 16th birthday party for your daughter. Helen’s debut novel, Promising Azra, is set in a high school. It’s about forced child marriage in contemporary Australia, but it has a lot of manicures and chemistry in it too, and some delicious food. Helen has taught creative writing in high schools, and mentored senior students in extension English projects.


Books by Helen Thurloe