Gavin Aung Than

Gavin Aung Than is a New York Times bestselling graphic novelist. After working in the corporate graphic design industry for 8 years he quit his unfulfilling job to focus on his true passion: drawing comics. His current series is Super Sidekicks, a fun middle grade graphic novel series that pays homage to the superhero comics Gavin loved as a kid. There are currently three books in the series, published by Penguin Random House. Gavin is also the creator of Zen Pencils, a cartoon website which adapts inspirational quotes into comic stories. Zen Pencils has been featured by The Washington Post, National Geographic, Slate, Brain Pickings, was named one of the Internet’s top 100 websites in 2013 by PCMag and has been collected into four books. Zen Pencils comics have been used in schools all around the world to teach students about inspirational people and the craft of graphic novel storytelling.