Jan Latta

Jan Latta is an author, wildlife photographer and storyteller, exciting children with her amazing adventures with wild animals. She has followed leopards in Sri Lanka, chimps in Uganda, orangutans in Borneo, pandas in China, tigers in India, sloths in Costa Rica and eleven times to Africa to tell the animals’ stories.

Each True to Life book has stunning photos of animals in their natural habitats and educational videos where children can see the animals in action in the wild. The books are full of facts, maps and fun activities.

The Diary of a Wildlife Photographer book is a 23 year journal creating the True to Life Books in the wild. Jan’s latest book, Adventures in the Wild is packed full of adventures and special facts about the African animals. Great for creative workshops.

Jan is an inspirational speaker with 15 years experience talking at festivals and international schools.

13 True to Life Books have been selected in the Premier’s Reading Challenge.