Zana Fraillon

Zana Fraillon is an internationally acclaimed, multi-award-winning
author of books for children and young adults. Her work has been
published in over 15 countries and is in development for both stage
and screen.

Zana has degrees in history and teaching and is a PhD candidate in
Creative Writing at LaTrobe University. Through meticulous
research she has discovered that it is essential to eat copious
amounts of chocolate in order to write anything at all, and that
walking with an octopus can sometimes be the best method of
discovering plot.

Zana’s passion for empowering young people to find their voice is a
feature of both her books and her workshops and presentations.

Books by Zana Fraillon


‘Zana Fraillon was an easy natured person who was open to every question. She encouraged us to give everything a go and improvise since that’s where the best interview questions come from. Meeting Zana was a unique and forever memorable experience. It was inspiring to learn that she lived in Melbourne and wrote such a powerful book which enlightened a very important yet often hidden issue. This made me realise that I can also create change and speak up on issues that need attention or I’m passionate about. She opened a door where I discovered I have a voice that can be heard and I can create change. Thank you, Zana!’

– Fiona, Yr 7

‘Zana’s writing session hooked the students instantly. It was highly engaging, amusing, inspiring, and perfectly pitched to the age group. And, perhaps most importantly, the students were busting to write!’

– Emma, Yr 2 Teacher