Jules Faber

Jules has been drawing since he was a giant baby. Having worn many hats in his eclectic career, Jules finds himself at present deeply ensonced in the children’s book and publishing industry producing illustrations for kids and grown-ups alike.

With 23 books currently in print and books he has illustrated selling over a milion copies and counting, Jules has also won Book of the Year in 2014 for WeirDo, and was nominated again in 2017. Jules has been holding workshops for over 20 years, and has also worked in animation on a show for Disney, as an editorial cartoonist, as a ‘live’ caricaturist, and as a TAFE teacher specialising in ‘Comic Book Illustration’ and ‘Storyboarding and Scriptwriting’.

He is married with a 10 year old daughter and imagines someday he might grow up.